Sunday, January 18, 2009

Story Telling

I was always a consumer of media before I started journalism school, but now it seems my hunger for news and new media has reached dizzying heights.

As part of the program, lecturers in different fields (i.e. broadcast, radio, etc.) talk to my class about where media is going. In an information heavy age where bloggers can get press passes, what is journalism? Who are journalists?

My definitions seem to be a lot more pliable than some of my fellow classmates. There seems to be a print, hard news bias that I can understand but don't necessarily consider a hard fast rule. One of the things I like most about journalism and new media is the storytelling aspect. You get to hear other people's stories and share them with others; your audience can take that information and apply it to their own lives however they choose, whether as a story to share around a dinner table or as a point of reference for whatever they're experiencing.

With all this in mind, my interests have shifted in the two weeks I've been at Medill. I originally wanted to do long-form features writing. Now I'm hoping to get a foundation in good writing, ethics, and how to find a story, but focus more on how to package information for online audiences. Videography, audio/video slide shows, web development, etc.

Because things like Tumblr version 5.0 get me ridiculously excited (there's that word again) of where journalism can and will go.

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