Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing Journalist

When I was in the 6th grade, we had week of costumed dressing called "Spirit Week." There was twin day (you and a friend had to dress identically), pajama day, and school colors day. The day I was most excited for was Career Day. You see, I always knew I wanted to be a writer and while others were dressed as lawyers in three-piece suits, I came to Lincoln College Preparatory Academy dressed in jeans, a yellow t-shirt and carrying my V-Tech Kids Laptop.

When people asked me what I was supposed to be, I tapped the computer and said, "I'm a journalist." Without the laptop the entire costume was rendered everyday wear.

Flash forward 13 years and I'm still wearing jeans and carrying around my laptop in the hopes of becoming a journalist. But now that I've been out in the field, I think I need another prop to make this iteration of journalist work.



Kimchi Blue Briefcase Bag, $68 at Urban Outfitters.

It is so hard to stay organized when you're doing interviews on the street. Nothing turns people off more than anxious fumbling in too deep pockets and apologies for said anxious fumbling.

I picture myself reaching into this bag to whip out my voice recorder to ask people questions about health policy or gang activity in their neighborhoods; the fact that it can be worn messenger bag style is appealing as well - no straps sliding down my shoulders as I try to write in my note pad.

If you have to dress for the job you want, then this bag would definitely be the finishing touch on my journalist costume.

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