Friday, January 16, 2009

Put It On the Refrigerator

I'm going into Week Two at Medill, and it is as hard as everyone said it would be. My first week was a very humbling and eye-opening experience; I'm more excited about going to school and learning than I have been in a really long time. I'll go as far as saying Border Star Elementary was the last time I was this amped to go to class. Despite the weather and other issues I won't blog about, the experience has been great in the "Please sir, may I have another?" kind of way.

I'm getting spanked by AP style and I kinda like it.

Anyway, I have less time to devote to blogging about Chicago but I'm trying to stay disciplined. The blog will more often act as a online refrigerator for me to stick up my work at Medill on. I want my family and friends to see what I'm up to.

So without further ado, I give you a link to my first multimedia project: a 1-min audio track made on Audacity (which I learned in, like, an hour and was expected to create a product shortly after).

I did man on the street interviews in Albany Park last week, asking residents if they thought Gov. Rod Blagojevich should be convicted. Listen to the final (but very rough) cut here.

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Crockhead said...

Good first effort. I had some problems with the hosting site. It took a really long time for it to download, and then it ended in the middle of the last interview. Maybe it was my connection. I will eagerly look forward to future installments.