Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Give Me A Beat!

My Journalism Methods: Newswriting class met for the first time today and I am beyond excited. We were assigned our beat: Chicago's Northwest Side (i.e. Logan Square, West Ridge, etc.) with a focus on stories that will appeal to baby boomers. Our first assignment is to get twelve audio interviews of people reacting to the Blago drama. Along with those interviews, we're expected to get a feel for our assigned neighborhoods (my group of four will be covering Albany Park or Korea Town), taking pictures and jotting down notes for an audience report presentation to be done weeks later.

Can I just say my general anxiety has been replaced with overallexcitement? I'm getting practical journalism training at arguably the best journalism school in the country from professionals who are genuinely passionate about giving us the best and most true to life experience possible. Ah, I can barely contain myself!

Ok. Back to reading about interview techniques and Albany Park. And if anyone out there knows anything about the neighborhood they'd like to share with me, definitely let me know.

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