Monday, March 17, 2008

A Hot Tease...

The Center for International Performance and Exhibition--better know as Hot House to those who frequented the South Loop establishment--closed its doors last year after providing Chicagoans and international performers with a space for world music, dance, and other cultural events for over 20 years. I saw an AMAZING Les Nubians show there last spring before they closed their doors with little to no fanfare. I figured it had gone out the way of Pacific Missions, Buddy Guy Legends, and other businesses in that part of the South Loop: bought up by Columbia College or developers looking to cash in on the newfound attractiveness of the neighborhood. The organization promised to continue putting on events but no longer at their old address.

Now their sending out cryptic emails that look like this:

Guess who's back?!

stay tuned

In April, all of their events will be at the Viaduct Theater (3111 N. Western), billed as "a taste of things to come." Check out their calendar for something that might catch your interest.

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