Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do People Still Use Beepers?

Who cares? (Though my boyfriend suspects it's the next wave in hipster irony - you heard it here first.)

Chicago's juke-house rapper Kid Sister has a new video out for her single "Beeper." Enjoy!

"Beeper" - The Count & Sinden ft Kid Sister from joseph monish on Vimeo.

And watch her "Pro Nails" video featuring Kanye West that brought her out of the sweat and furious dancing of Chicago clubs to the TVs and iPods of the masses.


Pheeeel said...

Finally, a blog from a smart, sassy lady that encapsulates what's great about Chicago. For me, the list goes:

1. Tomi
2. Italian Beef
3. That's it.

I can't wait to read everything you have to write. Consider me a loyal subject of your blogocracy. I will be calling you beeper soon, as we need to hang out and I have news for you.

RetroTrasher said...

I've been saying that beepers are coming back for YEARS!
thanks kid sister, love you!