Saturday, March 22, 2008


(Bring Your Own Pillow, that is. Camera phone photos of 2008 Pillow Fight Day in front of the Art Institute)

Today is International Pillow Fight Day. Chicago--along with 24 other cities around the world--had theirs on Michigan and Monroe outside of the Art Institute @ 2:00.

There is no reason to the mayhem that is International Pillow Fight Day according to its official website, but the Pillow Fight Club of Chicago explains its purpose as providing "savvy young urban adults an outlet for their aggressive emotions against pillows while simultaneously promoting relative discomfort and nonviolent chaos."

Despite the snow on the ground (come on, it's officially spring!), it's hard not to be happy and laugh when you see feathers flying in the air, people bopping each other with pillows, and smiles and looks of confusion on the faces of bystanders and pillow fighters alike.

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