Monday, March 31, 2008

From C Cup to Shining C Cup

The Midwest Independent Film Festival--an organization that screens independent films from Midwestern filmmakers here in Chicago--has a First Tuesday event every month at Landmark Century Theaters in Lincoln Park (2828 N. Clark). This month audiences will watch the award-winning documentary America the Beautiful. America tackles the oft-pondered question "Does America have an unhealthy obsession with beauty?" through interviews with celebrities, musicians, athletes, fashion designers, and pop culture insiders. Tomorrow's event also includes pre-screening events (a cocktail reception and screenplay readings to be exact) and a reception immediately following a Q&A with director Darryl Roberts.

General admission is $10 and you can order advance tickets online here.

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RetroTrasher said...

ooh, I saw this when it played at the Chicago Film Festival. I really liked it and there was a q&a with the director afterwards. I gotta buy it when they release it. It really made me think about myself and my body image. but then I went right back to the same old me! haha