Monday, May 19, 2008

You Know You Love Me, xoxo

(photo credit: Giovanni Ruffino/The CW)

Beyond all reason, I am completely and utterly obsessed with the CW's teen drama Gossip Girl. Based on the young adult book series penned by Cecil von Ziegesar and created by the man who brought us "The OC," Gossip Girl follows the lives of rich Upper East Siders and their "poorer" Brooklyn cohorts in high school. Yes, it's yet another addition to the pretty-white-rich-kids-with-problems genre, but I can't help it: the acting, the New York angle, the improbable situations, the pithy dialogue, the pop culture references, the clothes, the music... I was in love by first commercial break.

Tonight is the series season finale and I'm super excited. Will Rufus break up the pending nuptials of Lily and Bart? Will Georgina be exposed for the psychotic liar that she is and get whats coming to her? Will Serena and Dan Humphrey get back together after all the lies and betrayal? OMFG, I can't wait. And until its return in the fall, I'll have these things to keep me GG-happy... that is, until the first season DVD set is released August 19.

  • Gossip Girl Episodes Online: Ok, so I know for some fans of Gossip Girl, I am part of the problem. The CW is confounded by the show's online success with the coveted 18-34 year old slot and abysmal Nielsen TV ratings score. So confounded, in fact, they pulled online episodes off their official website. There was even talk of dropping the show (thank God it got picked up for a second season, though)! But I can't help it. Sometimes, I'm not home Monday nights at 7pm Central. And when I'm not, I go online the next day to see what I missed in the world of Gossip Girl.

  • New York Magazine's Daily Intel Coverage: New York Magazine has a weekly blog on Gossip Girl highlighting its hits and misses through a reality scale. Would any real New Yorker call the subway a "train"? And OMG, bagels are totally necessary for an underaged (or any aged) hangover recovery session. Click here for all articles tagged Gossip Girl.

  • Gawker's Gossip Girl Coverage: Even the New York media's kings of snark can't help but be sucked into Gossip Girl mania. It makes me feel a little bit better about my addiction.


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