Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hello, Lover!

It is woefully clear to me that I don't have enough girl friends in Chicago; I have no one to watch the Sex and the City movie with! Say what you will about Carrie Bradshaw and the "Scary Sadshaw" offspring she's created (you know, women who apply the rules that govern SATC characters into their own lives?), I love it and can't wait to see whether the movie will live up to all the hype the media and diehard fans have created.

For all the ladies (and fellas brave enough to admit their fans) with plans to see the stateside premiere of the movie tomorrow, there's an AWESOME event going on tomorrow which will help you indulge in your girl about town fantasies. Dinner, drinks, cocktails, and a fashion show. Click here for all the info:

And the trailer I've been salivating over for the past 3 months!

(I love the big band version of the theme song!)

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RetroTrasher said...

I plan on seeing this tomorrow during a matinee hopefully.