Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chicago Memory #1

(I wrote this on my Myspace blog this morning and thought that this might be a good new series: my memories, good or bad, of Chicago for your perusal.)

One of my favorite Chicago memories involves a boy I am well in the process of forgetting (that's a long story not suitable for publishing). He takes me out for amazing Indian food and drives me home. We get on Lake Shore, Chicago's freeway that wraps around the ocean-esque Lake Michigan. His car is more like a robot trained to fulfill my every comfort: one button pushed reclines my seat, another heats it up, and yet another opens up the moon roof so I can see the stars and tops of buildings as we glide down Lake Shore. And then the last button puts on Esthero's dreamy song, "Country Living (The World I Know)."

"And I want to live
In the passenger seat of a car
We can drive around all night
We wouldn't have to go to far
Just look at those stars
Listen, they could be ours

I love Lake Shore Drive. And as I drove down it yesterday, I thought of that moment where all of my senses were completely sated because of this great city called Chicago. And then I felt a little bit better.

But I still came home and watched "Sex and the City" DVDs until after 3 a.m. to cheer myself up.

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Peaches said...

I often wish someone would create a show set in Chicago that was as as fun and smart (but preferably with more racial and sexual orientation diversity) as Sex and the City.