Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend Guide, 4/4 - 4/6

I am coming off the high of seeing John Legend perform at the Vic Theatre last night. Legend—along with Colbie Caillat and Cat Power—performed in celebration of the GRAMMY's 50th Anniversary. T-Mobile and Sidekick were the hosts of the night, and Legend definitely salvaged the night after Caillet and Cat Power's performances. You can read my coverage of the night on UR Chicago's blog today. Security started absconding cameras and cell phones before I could get any decent pictures, but it was amazing. I've never been the kind to freak out over performances (and I've seen my share of shriek/swoon inducing performers), but man oh man! Alright. Down girl. Here's a sampling of noteworthy going-ons in the Chi this weekend:


I throw myself at men
Performance artist Lilly McElroy's photographic series "I throw myself at men" has been at the Thomas Robertello Gallery for almost a month now, and I can't wait to see it. In these "performative photographs," the artist literally throws herself at men in bars, playing with issues of relationships and feminine and masculine roles in modern courting. According to the gallery's website, the project originated from ads McElroy posted on Craigslist, looking for men who would meet her at bars and let her throw herself at them. (Thomas Robertnello Gallery,939 W. Randolph, Wednesday-Saturday 11-6)

Future Shock
I have no idea why PBR (Pabst's Blue Ribbon) has become the drink of choice for hipsters. But Wicker Park music venue, Subterranean (2011 W. North) will be providing the ambrosia of the hip for free between 9-10 at Future Shock, their Friday night dance party. Come for the free booze, stay for the DJ sets of electro, hip-hop, bmore club bass, mashups and more combos you can't wrap your brain around.

First Fridays
The Museum of Contemporary Art (220 E. Chicago) continues their monthly "happy hour" event with this month's First Friday. $15 tickets—which can be purchased at the door—includes live entertainment, entrance into the museum, appetizers from Wolfgang Puck's museum cafe, and access to their cash bar. These events are themed, and tonight's is "Lucky Star."


Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa
In its last days at Facets Theater (1517 W. Fullerton), "Off the Grid" is a must see this weekend. The documentary explores the Mesa, an area in America's Southwest with no water and electricity, no governing law or law enforcement, and is populated by the "legally" insane. Free from modern conventions of law, directors Jeremy and Randy Stulberg envision the Mesa as "the last outpost of the American Wild West." Watch the video below for a trailer and click here for movie times.

Oops Reading Series
My high school experiences and teenage angst have all been embarrassingly chronicled in black and white speckled Composition books. However I would never share them with an audience like a group of Chicago writers will at Heaven Gallery (1550 N. Milwaukee) tonight. The Oops Reading Series costs $5 and starts at 7pm.


24th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival
In it's twenty-fourth year, the Chicago Latino Film Festival continues to promote education and awareness of Latino cultures through screening "the best and most recent movies from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the United States." Visit their website for movie screenings and more information.

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