Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In the Mood for Love..At the Obama Rally

While it was impossible to find my boyfriend and close friends among the throngs of people at Grant Park last night, some people were able to find their next potential mate for a few fleeting moments before the crowd swallowed them up. That's where Missed Connections comes in. Missed Connections is a forum on Craigslist where people can post descriptions of people they had brief, yet chemistry filled encounters with in the hopes that person will stumble upon it and contact them.

My friend and facial hair enthusiast posted a pretty good one this morning and it got me the thinking: how many people put up Missed Connections from the Obama Rally? The results are hilarious. My favorites?

Petite Woman with Huge Chest at Obama Rally - m4w - 32

Asked for a cigarette when Obama won - m4m - 35
MC at Obama Rally - "There's another state I'm not going to" - w4m - 28
to the trio of girls at Grant Park who took me to a bar, then left - m4w - 23
Rally Photographer, all in black, dapper hat and brass cuff buttons - w4m

Obama brings so many people together!

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