Friday, October 3, 2008

The Great Debates (and 100th Post)

(photo credit: Richard Perry for the New York Times)

I watched last night's Vice Presidential Debates at the Whirlaway Lounge (3224 W. Fullerton) in Logan Square. It was a small, narrow bar with most eyes glued to the debates on the plasma screen as the three Cubs' fans in the corner cursed and cheered at the playoff game on mute. I could go on and on about how Palin dodged questions, stuck to the talking point(s) (because really, all she has is energy) her coaches spoon fed her, and clung to her "folksy" hockey mom persona for dear life...but really, half the fun of watching her slip ups were experiencing them with like minded, slightly buzzed bar patrons.

For the third and last presidential debate, I'll be far away from $2.50 PBR and .50 bags of Doritos in favor of a panel discussion at the Chicago History Museum (1601 N. Clark).

The Chicago History Museum has screened the presidential and vice presidential debates in their lecture hall, accompanied with a discussion led by Chicago professors and journalists. I'm excited to hear what Chicago's political minds have to say in real time. There is a suggested donation of $5 but free tickets are also available. Buy your tickets here.

Where: Chicago History Museum, 1601 W. Clark
When: October 15, 7pm
What: In the K/Now: Presidential Debate II Domestic Policy
Cost: $5 suggested donation, free tickets available

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