Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Bottom of the Ninth....Nine Runs Down...and [McCain is] the Cubs..."

(photo credit: Damen Winter for the New York Times)

Last night, my boyfriend and I watched the final Presidential Debate at the Chicago History Museum (1601 N. Clark), a part of their In the K/Now series. The evening began with a moderator and speakers, including 848 and WBEZ political reporter Ben Calhoun (you're amazing on 848!), and two other gentleman whose names I couldn't hear, sadly. The gem above is from one of them, continuing the use of sports analogies throughout the discussion.

The crowd and panel were decidedly for Obama and we all laughed heartily at every dig at McCain's sinking ship. I had hoped there would be an equal mix of conservative and liberal speakers, just to make things interesting, but I guess its hard to find McCain supporters in this blue state and in Obama's home turf of Chicago. In effect, the panel was preaching to an enthusiastic choir, with only three undecideds in the room.

After the panel discussion, we watched the debate. I thought it was the best debate between the two, with moderator Bob Schieffer getting more specifics out of the candidates than before. Joe the Plumber made the audience gag, McCain's erratic facial ticks scared us all, and Obama's calm under McCain's lies and misrepresentations made me think all the more that this man needs to be in the White House.

Although there wasn't a follow up by the panel after the debate, overall I enjoyed my first experience at the Chicago History Museum and look forward to attending any other of their special events that pique my interest.

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