Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Such A Fickle Mistress..

(View of Chicago from Lake Michigan. Photo credit: Me)

Ah, Chicago. How I love her and loathe her all at the same time. She jerks me around, providing the highest of highs (Chicago in the Summer) and the lowest of lows (Chicago in the W-word).

I don't want summer to be over, but every 2-bit radio DJ and random person trying to make conversation seems to take glee in the brisker winds, the shorter days and earlier sunsets. It's September! You just got here, summer! Why did I find myself in shorts during a sudden cold downpour yesterday, shivering and wet in 50 degree weather? Why am I wearing a light-weight sweater and trench coat today? It's not fair.

So hey, Summer. Stick around. Because while I do love the Fall Fashions in every store window I pass, I still want to hold onto carefree days as long as humanly possible.


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