Sunday, June 29, 2008

Move On and Smart Up

I'm laying in bed, enjoying the fresh "It's-just-rained" smell wafting in on the breeze and reading the New York Times. Obama and Clinton made a stop in Unity, New Hampshire to showcase the newfound unity within the Democratic Party. The name of the town is solid gold for the sound bite driven mainstream media and was chosen "for the perfect split of votes cast in the New Hampshire primary — 107 for each candidate."

One part of the article really annoyed me, however. People were at this rally still wearing Hillary campaign t-shirts and openly objecting to his presence and nomination:

Carmella Lewis of Denver chanted 'Hillary' while Mr. Obama spoke, smirked throughout his remarks and then stuffed her ears with scrunched-up tissue.

'I can’t listen to him,' Ms. Lewis said. 'No way are we voting for Obama. We're all voting for McCain.'

This is a pretty accurate depiction of the people who continue to cry "foul" over Hillary Clinton's inability to "clinch" the Democratic nomination. Won't face the facts or listen to reason.

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RetroTrasher said...

people scare me. Mcain is down for 100 years of war. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE OBAMA, PEOPLE!

BTW - NICE SEEING YOU TODAY GIRL. you look fucking fabulous.