Friday, June 13, 2008

Love Can't Pay My Bills, I Want Money. . .

My favorite website blogged about the website How I Spent My Stimulus Check today. The website allows people to take pictures of what they spent their stimulus check on and include a brief description describing their use. From the funny to the endearing to the achingly sad (i.e. people getting fired from their jobs because of the downturn in the economy that led to the need of stimulus checks in the first place), this website is an interesting read and lets you take a look into the lives of everyday Americans. Below are some of my picks from the site:

Scariest Use of a Stimulus Check

"Bought a CMMG lower reciever from a local gunshop. I figure with Obama's crazy gun stance, I better build a rifle before he tries to take it away from me! Hopefully it doesn't go that far...Thanks dubs!"

John, 32, Software
Bothell, WA

Most Common Use of a Stimulus Check

"Thanks G. W. Bush, I needed this gas so I can work and pay more taxes to contribute to the WAR we have no business being in!!!! "

Duane Anthony, 43, Project Manager
Guntersville, Alabama

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