Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide

Many of my favorite blogs and websites offer holiday gift guides for their readers. One of the things I've noticed recently about these guides is that in today's economic they either range from the wildly expensive ("Dahling, what recession," sniffs Neiman Marcus) to the just plain, old bad (I hope no one gifts me a paper bag vase). With this in mind, I present to you a new series: I Am Chicago's Holiday Gift Guide '08.

Gift Guide #1: For Dad

AMC's hit drama Mad Men continues to win fans with its riveting depiction of American life during the early 60s. Critics and fans alike swoon over the attention to detail and gripping plot lines (not to mention Jon Hamm's portrayal of handsome yet distant ad man Don Draper) Get your father hooked on the series with Season One on DVD.

Mad Men, Season One, $27.49
, Amazon.com

The iPod has become synonymous with the MP3 player since its launch in 2001. The wee iPod Shuffle doesn't pack as big of a punch as the Nano or Classic versions, but at $49 and with space for up to 500 songs it should be more than enough to keep your music loving pops happy on the treadmill, while mowing, or reading the paper. You can also engrave a special message for free when you order on Apple.com. The user friendly iPod and iTunes interface will also make any tech weary dad feel like a pro--and keep you from having to play IT guru over the phone.

iPod Shuffle (comes in 5 colors), $49, Apple.com

If your dad is anything like mine, his record collection is a thing worthy of awe. Vinyl collecting dust in stacks or haphazardly stacked away for a rainy day have been forgotten by the continuing wave of new technology, but ol' dad still remembers them fondly. Help him make the transition to today with this USB Vinyl Archiver from Fred Flare. The EZ Vinyl Converter automatically uploads songs to your iTunes library, which he can then transfer to his iPod. Dad will thank you for bringing back the music of his youth, and Mom will be happy those records won't be taking up any more space in the garage.

USB vinyl archiver, $129 (originally $150), Fredflare.com

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